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Welcome to WhiteHat WARGAME 2.0 BETA

Welcome to WhiteHat WARGAME 2.0 BETA

  • Capture The Flag (CTF) practice system for all members having passion for cyber security

  • Cyber security drills for agencies, organizations and businesses

  • Competing with global security experts

  • Contributed by cyber security community

Capture The Flag

Reverse Engineering


Web Application




Capture The Flag (CTF) practice system for newbies learning and researching cyber security

Challenge authors are Bteam from WhiteHat.vn and security community

New challenges will be updated monthly

Honor teams with excellent performance and teams who contribute new challenges


Cyber security drills are organized online and regularly with real situations such as: scanning and removing spyware, DDoS prevention, attacks exploiting web security vulnerabilities, handling and preventing ransomware etc.

Cyber security drill is organized to help agencies, organizations and businesses improve their ability and readiness for continuous cyber security incidents, and to strengthen professional knowledge exchange between organizations in the field of information security and safety.

From 2015 to 5/2018, 5 online cyber security drills were organized. The types of competitors and the number of teams have increased and been more diverse year-after-year. From only 20 teams (banks, departments of information and communication and provincial centers of information and technology) participated in the first dril, at WhiteHat Drill 05, the number increased up to 153 teams (76 government agencies in more than 50 provinces and cities, 13 banks, 11 education units, 34 enterprises and 19 members) competing on 9 and 10 May 2018.


WhiteHat Grand Prix is a cyber security competition with grand prizes organized by WhiteHat.vn at the end of each year. The competition is an opportunity not only for cyber security experts to compete, but also to simultaneously promote learning and researching of cyber security. Teams have the opportunity to be honored in WhiteHat CTF Ranking

In 2014, the first WhiteHat Grand Prix was held simultaneously in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Since 2015, WhiteHat Grand Prix has become global security competition, attracting strong CTF teams in the world such as 217, PPP, dcua, etc. Specifically, hundreds of teams from many countries and territories took part in Grand Prix 2015 - Topic: HELLO, VIETNAM !, Grand Prix 2016 - Topic: Discovering Vietnam and Grand Prix 2017 – Topic: Vietnam Heritages