Welcome to WhiteHat WARGAME – the cyber security practice system !

WhiteHat WarGame was first introduced in 2015 as a part of WhiteHat forum. It was developed to become the cyber security practice system for WhiteHat members.

Currently, with WhiteHat WarGame, you can:

  • Select WhiteHat PLAY ! to practice Capture The Flag (CTF)
  • Take part in WhiteHat cyber security drill organised for agencies, organizations and enterprises
  • Take part in WhiteHat Grand Prix to compete with global security experts

In the future, with the aim to build a strong cyber security community, WhiteHat WarGame is now open to receive contribution from its members. We appreciate any challenge, idea or topic contributed to WhiteHat WarGame.

CTF challenges are updated monthly. Simultaneously, teams with excellent practice performance will be honored in WhiteHat CTF Ranking with some awards. In addition, WhiteHat also credits and has small funding as our thanks to contributors.

Look forward to your support and feedbacks.

Best regards,

Board of WhiteHat Forum